My name is Richard Ansah and this website/ blog is targeted at people who want more than just an ‘Ordinary’ life, you want an extraordinary life!

So if you are someone who:

  • wants more out of life,
  • who has a message to tell the world or a mission to fulfil
  • and wants to learn how to leverage the power of the internet to get their message out there.
  • Social Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Entrepreneur, Side Hustler (You have a day job and a business of some kind you manage in your spare time), stay at home mum or dad and anyone who wants to leverage their time and or efforts to make the world a better place somehow.

I believe we are going to get on just fine!

What your main interests are is not a concern (as long as it’s got nothing to do with hurting anyone), but whatever your passion or purpose… the world needs to know and I want to be the one to help you make that happen. Welcome to Dominate Online!

Whether you have experience of Digital/ Online marketing or not; is not a concern (that’s why I am here).

There’s someone in the world waiting for the gift you have to offer… Do not let technology, fear, intimidation, money (or the lack of it) stop you from doing what you were created to do…

Information vs Direction

I’m not another marketer, trying to find their feet on this whirlwind called the information highway. There is a lot of information available today, on just about any topic one can think of but what we lack as a society, or in general, is direction.

It’s still very difficult, even today, to piece together

  • The how?
  • The why?
  • And the what?

It is imperative one formulates a plan moving towards a direction where desired results are inevitable.

There’s loads of trial and error, loads of mistakes to be made – and there’s nothing wrong with that! However, I believe there’s a better path to life than just hitting brick walls, trying to walk in the dark when the light is clearly available – if only we knew how to open our eyes.

Having A Plan & A Purpose

It’s all about having a purpose and having a vision. If you are anything like me, then it probably took you a long time to realise what your purpose is and having a vision to motivate you in the first place.

We live in a system designed to throw us off track regarding our gifts and the pursuit of happiness and the blessing of mankind, instead, it’s just a conveyor belt of life, looking forward to the next weekend, or the next break or the next holiday, just to get some respite from what we know as life. It’s a sad state of affairs – that’s what it is! And if we fail to take control, we will reach a point in life where one is looking back asking the question… what happened? Or if only? Or just making an excuse altogether. Don’t let that person be you! And if you think you are that person, go and find the nearest mirror and tell yourself… it’s not too late… I’m alive!

My Mission

Is to eliminate financial Ignorance

Providing dedicated training, coaching & teaching focused on a movement to increase  ‘Financial Intelligence’ (Making Money, Manage Money, Protect Money, Leverage Money and Access to Financial Information about money) for families, individuals and businesses in a non-advisory capacity

The Vision

To empower individuals and families to build wealth for themselves, their families and their community through education

For me to fullfil my purpose, I believe that the easiest path to wealth is to do what you love, enjoy and are gifted at and gives you the most fulfilment – which is anything you say it is.

I believe someone, somewhere needs what you have to offer and so the goal is to empower individuals to be social entrepreneurs with their own mission to benefit others.

Money & Wealth

Money and wealth flows in the direction of those who are able to solve problems (provide solutions) that others need.

Since You Are Reading This Right Now, I Have A Question…

What is the one thing you could do, or would do that gives you absolute enjoyment. Literally, the day would feel like an hour?

Food would be an after thought?

You could do this one thing without even getting paid for it???

Sleep would feel like a chore…..

That is your gift!

Well, if you have figured this one thing out, then that will be the doorway to your wealth.

My job is to help you translate that into the digital, online world and allow the internet to be your stage.

If I can do it, so can you.. no excuses.

Get off Your Soap Box, Richard!

So this blog is about ultimately taking control and a good place to start is with your freedom: freedom of time, freedom of money, freedom to just breath and enjoy life.. freedom to somehow bless others who do not have what you and I have or at least are pursuing.

What Difference Can You Make?

I believe one must pursue their goals and dreams and I also believe that the internet is the new stage to perform, the open platform to instantly be able to bless another soul, or millions of souls one at a time. What a legacy, what a mission. Are you with me?

So it’s time to dominate…great. Where do we start or how do we get started? I believe it’s my job to show you and that is why I put together this blog.

It’s nothing to do with the money… the money will come once you provide your market with what they need and want and ultimately, it’s providing the solution to their particular need and doing it in a way that makes sense and is practical whether you are six or sixty years of age.

So How Did I End Up Starting This Blog?

Well, let’s just say, I get the most joy in life when I help others. I was born to solve problems, and I was born to teach and help others. I can’t explain it, I just grips me.

The Great Deception

So I started life as a perpetual student, studying engineering. I got all the way to my PhD Viva only to eventually decide to quit that journey. I was convinced that the path to success in life was a great ‘formal’ education and hope to secure a ‘high’ paying job somewhere.  That thought process was one of the biggest deceptions I ever let myself get caught by and once i realised the truth, there was no turning back.

I dedicated my life to teaching and research, I am a specialist in financial education and developed a series of courses education families about ‘money’… I guess you could call it the ‘Alternative Financial Education’

Anyway, I developed my marketing and teaching skills over the years and obviously created a business around my passion.

Today, I have people chasing me down to get access to my financial courses, because I am an expert in something that I am passionate about!  I am not working… I am living my mission. The money just follows.. it’s a divine law and the beautiful thing about laws, is that they work and apply to anyone!

I have always said that I am living my best life right now – when I do what I love.

Having worked for other people, I ultimately was living against the grain and felt uncomfortable.

I am convinced that if everyone just showcased their gifts and had a chance to do something they actually enjoyed, rather do something to just pay the bills and exist in life, we would see a much happier world, with less problems and trials. And so I am doing just that.. helping other ‘go getters’ to be able to learn the required skills so they can be the impact the world needs today.

What You Will Learn

My passion about online business is creating courses and building membership sites… but in order to get to that stage and get your message to the world, one also needs to develop the basics and make money along the way.

You need a mouth piece on the web – A Blog

So in Dominate Online you will learn just that.. doing the basics well so you too can stand out and Dominate in your field.

The basics include topics such as list building and blogging, marketing and sales techniques and much more profit producing skills.

I am really looking forward to connecting with you and being able to share something that will help you reach your goals.

Before I go, I would like to extend an invitation for you to get access to a really important and crucial resource that I believe will help you on your ‘online’ journey (See Below) 

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