Copywriting Secrets that will Drive More Sales

Copywriting Secrets that will Help Drive More Sales

Copywriting Secrets that will Help Drive More Sales

Writing a sales letter is easy. But writing one that actually converts browsers and readers (prospects) to rabid, excited buyers takes a bit more work and study on your part.

Question is, how are your sales doing? Are your current copywriting techniques working for you? It has been said that your sales letter is like having your own employed sales person and it has the capacity to appear on front of hundreds if not thousands of people at any time.

So the work you put into your sales letter now, will pay you back multiple times tomorrow!  In other words, if you want to drive and increase sales conversations, then I highly recommend you check out these dynamite tips I am about to share with you.

Bottom line… they work!

If it could use a few tweaks to start driving more sales, then you’ll want to check out these five tips and tricks for boosting your response rate…


  1. Hit ‘Em Hard With The Headline


You’ve got like a nanosecond to snag your reader’s attention with your headline. That’s why your headline needs to hit hard with a payload of benefits. If you can add a dash of curiosity, that’s even better.

So here’s what you need to do…

Sit down and really examine your offer. Then ask yourself, what are the TOP benefits of this offer? Specifically, which of these benefits will your prospects value the most?

Think of these top couple benefits as canons. You’re sitting in a busy marketplace, trying to get your prospect’s attention. Everyone and their brother is trying to do the same thing. They’re all yelling, they’re waving bright and shiny objects, they’re doing crazy dances.

And you know what you do? Fire your big canons. Boom. Now that’s going to grab attention.

It’s like grabbing your prospect by the shirt collar and saying, “You have this nasty problem that’s been plaguing you forever. Now you can get rid of it for good.”

Tell you what, if you can promise to get rid of this problem quickly and easily, that’s even better.

[thrive_text_block color=”light” headline=”Example of a Powerful Headline “]

So let me give you an example…

“Discover the #1 Fat Loss Trick Hollywood Celebrities Use Whenever They Need to Quickly and Easily Burn 20 Pounds – Now Just Imagine What It Will Do For You!”

See how that works? It promises a big benefit. It arouses curiosity. It even tosses in a pinch of social proof to make the whole thing seem more credible and interesting. BOOM. Now you have your prospect’s attention.

So never under-estimate the power of a solid headline in your persuasive copywriting arsenal


Next up…


2. Make It All About Your Reader


Sometimes you’ll hear people say something like, “A prospect will never read something that long!” Or, “They’ll never watch that entire video!” I should know, I used to say this all the time until I learnt a very valuable piece of information when I was (and still am) an avid student of copywriting; learning from the likes of Yanik Silver, Eugene Shwartz, Robert Collier and John Carlton etc. And each and everyone one said the same thing… Keep telling them what they want to hear, over and over again.

But let me ask you a question…

Would YOU read a book that was all about you? I’m talking something like, “The Life and Times of [Insert Your Name Here].”

Heck ya! You’d hang on every single word with great interesting and a burning curiosity for what the author will say about you next. That’s because we’re all sort of fascinated about ourselves, and a teensy bit ego-centric. That's just the way we are wired.

So guess what?  The same goes for your audience. They’re self-centered. They’re mostly concerned about themselves, their problems, and their feelings.  So if you make your sales copy all about your prospect, you can bet they’ll hang on every word.

Here’s a quick and dirty way to check to see if your copy is all about your readers: see how many times you use words like “you” and “your,” as opposed to works like “I,” “me,” and “we.” If you’re saying “I” a lot, then it’s time to reorient your copy to your reader.


  1. Create Your Copy For Skimmers


Oh yeah, it would be totally awesome if your prospects would read every single word of your sales page from start to finish. But you know what? There are a whole bunch of people who’re just going to skim down the page. And your copy needs to persuade them too.




By formatting your letter in a way that spoon feeds the benefits of your offer to your skimmers. This means emphasising the most important benefits.


For example:


  • Sprinkle bolded sub headlines throughout your copy to showcase benefits and/or arouse curiosity.


  • Make use of Johnson boxes to pull out important bits of text like testimonials.


  • Put benefit statements in a bulleted list.


  • Add a P.S. to the bottom of your sales page.


  • Highlight important text using bold, italics or other emphasis. (Just don’t overdo it, as you don’t want your sales page to look like a three-ring circus.)


  • Use graphics with captions to draw in the reader’s eyes.


So here’s what you do…


Skim your own eyes down your sales letter, and read ONLY the emphasised bits such as sub-headlines, bulleted lists, Johnson boxes, bolded text, big fonts and so on. Now ask yourself if those emphasised bits showcase the BEST parts of your offer. If not, time to go back and tweak your formatting.


Skimmers like to get to the point quickly and hate wasting time, so if you get this part right, you will see an increase in your sales letter conversions for sure!

Next up…


  1. Light a Fire Under Your Prospects


You’ve kept your prospects hooked all the way to the end of your sales page or video. They’re interested in your product. You offer a call to action telling them exactly what to do next to order.


So what happens next? The prospect just sits there like a turtle sunning himself on a log. And you lose the sale.


Look, if you give your prospect an option of procrastinating, they will. They might feel like “sleeping on it.” Some of them might even have good intentions of coming back to order later, but they never do. Life gets in the way. They forget about you. The frenzied buying mood you whipped them into starts to fade. Suddenly buying your product just doesn’t seem that important or urgent anymore.

So you know what you need to do?

You need to give your prospects a sense of urgency. You need to give them a reason to order RIGHT NOW. You need to make them feel like they can’t even leave the page until they’ve placed their order.

How do you do this?


Well, there are quite a few methods for creating this urgency. However, one really effective way is to instil the fear of missing out.

[page_section color='#2c3e50′ textstyle='dark' position='default' padding_top='on']  (fear of loss is more powerful than the promise of gain. Bottom line, people need to be motivated to take action and that usually requires emotional or visceral influence in the first instance. In the rear occurrence you get Captain Spock analysing your offer, then one good trick to utilise in your copywriting arsenal is the use of qualifying with logic as well as emotion. A good copy writing course or training will reveal these tips and tricks to you in more detail… keep reading as I will be referring to a great free teaching resource that will help you ) [/page_section]

For example…

  • Create a limited offer such as a workshop with a set number of seats available, and your prospects will order because of their fear of missing out.


  • Create a limited-time discount offer that makes your prospect feel like they’re missing out on a great deal if they don’t order right away.


  • Offer a special bonus gift to the first 100 people who order, which boosts your conversions because no one wants to miss out on an awesome freebie.


So you get the idea. Make people feel like they’re going to miss out on something really fantastic, and they’ll be hitting your order button more often.


And finally…


  1. Track, Test and Tweak


You can craft a sales letter that looks as snazzy as heck to your eye, but that doesn’t mean your prospects will be whipping out their credit cards. The only way to know for sure whether your sales letter is driving in the sales is by tracking, testing and tweaking it.

What you do is make one change to your sales letter—such as the headline—and then use an A/B split-testing script to randomly send traffic to the two versions of your letter. You can then keep the headline that deposits the most money in your bank account. Rinse and repeat with the headline until you’ve got the best headline possible.  Keep doing this with every part of your sales letter, and you’ll have a high-response and very profitable sales letter in no time.



So there you have it: five proven ways to kick your sale letter conversions up a notch. Of course these aren’t the only five ways to do it. Not by a long shot. If you’re looking to really get your sales flowing in, then you need to learn the secrets of writing smokin’ hot sales copy.

Good traffic alone won’t do it. Sales letter templates will help, but that's not going to take you over the finishing line. A big list won’t do it. Not even a million affiliates can bring in the cash if your sales letter isn’t converting browsers into buyers.

That’s why you need to find out what the pros know about writing great copy. What makes a good copywriter is that they are always studying and utilising great pieces of work and investigating the smallest of details that could influence or convert a browser to a buyer and . And here’s the best place to discover these tips, tricks and strategies including how to increase online sales right now: Check out this excellent copywriting resource right now, because this is gonna rock your bottom line!

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