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Does Your Lead Page Totally Stink?

Does Your Lead Page Totally Stink?

Imagine this…

You create an awesome lead magnet. You’ve done your market research, so you know your prospects are going to fall all over themselves to get their hands on this product by joining your list.

You’ve uploaded a killer set of autoresponder emails so you are able to build relationships with these subscribers and close the sale.

You’re just about counting your money already, because you know this email series is going to turn leads into buyers…you are ready for business..yeah!

So then you unleash your lead page on the world. Boom!

You’re driving traffic like crazy. Your traffic logs are blowing up like a sumo wrestler at an “all you can eat” buffet.

But despite rocking the traffic logs, not much else is happening.

Tell you what, when you get a huge influx of traffic to your ‘awesome lead page' but just a trickle of business (from the avalanche), then something is seriously wrong! There's no conversions, or very low conversion of that traffic!

If the traffic is targeted and the lead magnet is pretty awesome, then you gotta figure your lead page / Landing page / Lead generation Page/ Squeeze page isn’t up to par…right. I mean, I know it's a tough realisation to swallow and digest, but the numbers don't lie!

So let’s go over the top two problems with lead pages and how to fix them…

[thrive_text_block color=”orange” headline=”Clarification of Terms To Eliminate Confusion”] What is a Landing Page?

So just that everyone is on the proverbial ‘same page' when I mention a Lead Generation page, that also means a Lead Page. A page dedicated to just collecting lead information i.e. emails is normally called a Squeeze Page or Capture Page (it's all confusing isn't it???). So terms are used interchangeably, but ultimately, if the page on your site is facing traffic, whatever that page was originally meant to be, assuming there's an option to capture data or convert into a sale, then by definition it is a Lead Page. A blog post, if it is a landing page for traffic… is a Lead Page.

Cool…Lesson over! [/thrive_text_block]

Problem 1: Bad Page Design

Copywriters will tell you that you could write your ad copy on a piece of toilet paper, and if the message was good enough then people would read every single word.

That sentiment makes copywriters feel all warm and cozy, but it won’t boost your conversion rate. You might just have people bouncing off your lead page within a second or two. So much for building a big list, eh? (If you want more insight on writing copy and better presentation, then check out this post)

The Truth is, your page design DOES matter. That’s because your page’s design is what creates the first impression. And you remember what your parents used to say.. first impressions count..right?

It only takes a second to make a great first impression, and if it’s not favourable then people will click off the page – to your detriment and your wallet or purse!

Let me give you an analogy…

When your house is clean, your visitors don’t specifically notice just how clean it is.

But if you had trash piled to the ceilings in every room, you can bet every single visitor who walked through your door would notice (and start talking negative things in their mind about you/ your house) 🙂

Same goes for your web design. When you have a clean, polished design, most people don’t specifically notice the design. But throw a bad design in front of them, and every single person who comes to your site will notice (and maybe even gasp in horror as if you had trash/ rubbish piled to the virtual ceilings). Point is, you absolutely need to present a clean, polished website.

So maybe you’re not a web designer, and maybe you’re not ready to drop the $1000+ to some fancy-pants, latte-drinking designer… I totally get it!

Not a problem. Because you don’t need to have any design skills when you have a tools that will help you get the job done quickly and with confidence: here's a few good landing page software options that you may want to entertain.

[thrive_text_block color=”note” headline=”Options for Building GREAT Landing Pages”]

  1. Thrive Architect & Thrive Leads Combo is a great option. Thrive Leads is the Landing Page Builder, with a host of awesome designs. Thrive Architect, helps you to make addition changes and take even more control of your page designs with complete ease!  I use these tools so I can talk about them!
  2. Landing Page Monkey is an excellent bespoke landing Page builder, a great tool to get your content and ideas across how you would like. I forgot to say…. Thrive is a WordPress based landing Page builder. Landing Page Monkey is a SaSS (Software as a Service) bespoke landing page building service which you may integrate into WordPress, if you are a WordPress user. This app creates modern, cutting-edge lead pages for you with just a couple clicks of the mouse. You never again have to worry about losing visitors to bad design, because Landing Page Monkey can even create the latest in lead page design, such as inserting a background video with just a couple mouse clicks.
  3. Kartra is the new kid in the block, but please do not confuse it's status, with it's prowess. Yes, I am biased, I love Kartra, but let's maintain objectivity for now… I would consider Kartra to be the all singing all dancing Digital Marketing Tool. It creates landing pages of all types, with complete ease, and it is NOT WordPress based. It's a payment processor, membership site software, etc, etc etc.. I will do a separate review of Kartra, but ultimately, if you want to produce aesthetically pleasing Landing Pages, with ease, then you must at least consider kARTRA.
  4.  WP Profit Builder is another great WordPress Based landing Page builder. Beautiful Designs, solid plugin and does a great job. I don't use it as much as I do regarding Thrive Themes or Kartra
  5. Optimize Press. Everyone uses or has an Optimize Press Account… except me lol 🙂 It does a great job, and is an industry standard if you use WordPress as an Online Marketer.

All of the recommendations above are top notch software and produce great looking Landing Pages and more importantly as reliable software that will not let you down and lose you sales!  it just boils down to personal preference.  I would like to recommend ‘FREE' Landing page Software, but when it comes to your business, ‘using' Free tools is almost a swear word IMHO.

Point is, if you don’t know a lick about web design, then stop trying to do it yourself. If your page screams “amateur hour,” then you bet your visitors will think your products and services are old and outdated as well. So be sure to make a great first impression by showcasing your goods using stunning page design.


Next up…

Problem 2: Ineffective Copy

While design is important in making that great first impression, it’s your actual sales copy that’s going to turn these visitors into subscribers.

Now here’s the problem…

A lot of list-builders don’t know a thing about writing good copy. And even those marketers who do know how to write sales copy don’t necessarily write good copy. That’s because they know their lead magnet rocks, but they have a hard time explaining to visitors why it rocks.

So let me share with you a few tips for writing awesome sales copy that grabs your visitors’ attention and gets them filling out your opt-in form…

Tip 1: Know Your Audience

Before you write even one word of copy, you need to learn as much as you can about your audience. Best way to do this is to become a part of your target market for a couple days. Do the things they do. Hang out in the Facebook groups and forums where they congregate, and eavesdrop like crazy.

For example, if you’re targeting golfers, then go golfing this weekend and spend several hours reading golf forums, groups, blog discussions and even product reviews.

Point is, the more you know about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to write copy that really connects with them and appeals to them.

Next up…

Tip 2: Focus on Benefits

When your visitors land on your lead page, they want to know what’s in it for them. Your headline, your bullets and nearly every word of your copy needs to deliver the answer. That’s why your copy should focus on the benefits – i.e., what will users get if they join your list?

Tip 3: Arouse Curiosity

Showcasing your lead magnet’s biggest benefits will help whip up desire for your product and move people toward the opt-in form. You can give them an extra push by arousing their curiosity about a product benefit. That is, you tell prospects they’ll get a benefit, but you leave it a mystery as to how it all works.

For example, maybe you have a weight loss report, and you say something like this: “Discover the ancient herb that melts fat like crazy – it’s probably already in your cupboard!”

See how that works? First you promise a benefit (melting fat like crazy), and then you pique your prospect’s curiosity about which herb might deliver this exciting benefit. They only way they can find out is by joining your list, so they’ll do just that in order to satisfy their curiosity.

So good design+ strong benefits + curiosity = one awesome lead generation page that converts like crazy for you.

So Now Your Lead Page Rocks: What’s Next?

If you follow the simple tips above, you’re sure to boost your conversion rate. Polished, clean design welcomes people to read your lead page, and good copy keeps them hook so they’ll drop their email address in your opt-in form.

Of course getting people to join your list is just one small part of building a big, profitable list. Once they’ve subscribed, you need to find a way to hold their attention, open all your emails, and click on your links.

How do you do this?

It’s not something I can tell you how to do in one simple article. But the good news is that someone else has already put together loads of information for you to use to build your own profitable mailing list. And you can get your hands on it right now by clicking here: https://dominateonline.org/LearnEmailMarketing

What you’ve heard is true: the money really IS in the list. A good mailing list is one of the most profitable business assets you’ll ever own. So find out how to start creating this kind of list for yourself by clicking the link above – and just wait until you see your subscription numbers grow like crazy!

[thrive_custom_box title=”Recap” style=”light” type=”color” color=”#81d742″ border=””]So just to recap….

We discussed the benefits of setting up a firm foundation to your business ,BEFORE you start any traffic avalanche, is to establish a great looking Lead Page or Landing Page

I gave a synopsis of what the words Lead Page really means and we went into detail as to what tools could be used both for WordPress users and Non WordPress users as to how to design a great looking page with being a web developer!

Then we looked into the power of great copy writing and direct response marketing tactics. And to conclude, once you get the conversion of someone actually giving you their details.. it's important to know how to cultivate a relationship and convert prospects into buyers and that's through email marketing. 🙂


if you enjoyed this post or have ANYTHING you want to say relating to the content, please do share below or forward on to someone who you think would benefit.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
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