Information Marketer and Social Entrepreneur still needs to understand the game of money

Financial Intelligence for The Information Marketer & Social Entrepreneur

Financial Intelligence for The Information Marketer and Social Entrepreneur.

Internet Marketing or Information Marketing is a very powerful skill to develop, especially as a solo or social entrepreneur.


The term Information Marketing,  Social Entrepreneur or internet Marketer has been used quite loosely in this context, but in essence I mean the same thing when using the terms. the reason being is that in the context of managing finances, it's the exact skill set that is required.

Bottom line, if you market online or know how to do internet marketing, you are either running a business or are working within a business that is trying to stay ahead. So ultimately one embarked in this journey will need to think like an entrepreneur. [/thrive_text_block]


I am heavily passionate in another niche which is all about wealth and money, and the one underlying concept or mission that I stand by is the concept of financial intelligence.

I learnt this phrase from Robert Kiyosaki and it basically embodies five facets of wealth in which one can measure the ability to remain rich or not.

I will break down the five facets now…

  1. The ability to make money
  2. The ability to manage money
  3. the ability to protect money
  4. The ability to leverage money
  5. The ability to access financial information.

What I am finding more and more interesting as an information or Internet Marketer, is that the above ‘skills' are totally transferable to this niche also.

For example:

  1. The ability to make money equates to the ability to generate an income online
  2. The ability to manage money equates to how to make sure you always have an income for your business expenses.
  3. The Ability to Protect money equates to not blowing all your income on shiny objects
  4. The ability to leverage money as an Information Marketer equates to Making sure one always has a product to sell, ideally, one that has been created by the marketer direct or is owned outright – do the work once and get paid repeatedly. Also, to be able to re-invest into your online business i.e. traffic methods for scaling up etc
  5. The ability to Access Financial Information equates to being able to get the right training for the fastest and most accurate results in line with one’s goals and vision.

The Most Important Thing

I hope you have noticed something very important which you must learn in any business including online marketing. If we do not have the ability to make money, then there is no need to manage and is no need to protect and there certainly no opportunity to leverage so it is in our best interests to make sure we develop our skills in making money online.

Obviously, it’s not just about the money, it’s about delivering a brilliant service in helping people who have a problem that we are able to solve that could be in any niche or sub niche we are all different and have unique skills that someone in the world needs our help with.

As it as an online marketer the basics are the foundation to our business and once you master this everything else will fall into place. So, what are the basics?

What Are the Basics?

Firstly, you need an online presence, and this is normally achieved by having a blog of some form.

Secondly, you need quality content that will let the reader know who you are, what you’re about, how you can help, and potential solutions to solve the problems.

Thirdly, you need a way to tell the world that your content exists surveyor had to find you and stay in touch with you and this is achieved through marketing efforts especially with the use of social media and for those who want to take more control can make use of paid marketing efforts such as Facebook Advertising, pay per click, Ad Words, and other forms of advertising where relevant such as solo ads and Video Marketing. There is also the opportunity to utilise marketers who act as your affiliates.

Fourthly a really good way to balance time and money is by utilising leveraged products that have already been written and produced. This is known as private label rights or PLR (I will talk more about PLR in the coming days and weeks). With the correct rights or licensing, one can re-purpose the content and deliver quality material to their prospective customers which is extremely time-saving, I like to call this OPP or other people’s property which is a well-known wealth principle.

It’s Important To keep Developing Oneself?

Being an online marketer requires the development of a host of skills, I have already mentioned some above. If this is a new venture for you then without sounding patronising, please do not feel overwhelmed as the beauty of all of this – is that the skills can be learned and once you have them they will be with you for life. Very similar to financial intelligence, once you build your knowledge in one area such as making money then you can develop your skills in the other areas also. And oversee the best measure would be how much wealth you are able to create and keep as well as how many raving customers and clients you are able to help and benefit.

To find out more about how to get started in the world of online marketing (or social entrepreneurship) I really encourage you to check out an awesome free training called web profits club.

If you want to develop more knowledge and skills around increasing your bottom line and having more reach and effects in your niche and market place, then you really check out another fantastic free training called traffic generation club.

I trust you enjoyed this post I will particularly enjoy hearing your comments about the synergy between financial intelligence and running a profitable online business feel free to leave your comments below.

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