How To Run a Successful and Super Profitable Affiliate offer

So you have heard about Super Affiliates making a serious impact in their chosen niche and reaping some heavy financial benefits aka Moolah/ Money.

Most people think that these people have hypnotic abilities and can captivate peoples minds via a few cryptic emails that they have masterfully crafted. Let’s not forget their ability to walk and act so smooth with President like charm and have droves of people literally launching themselves to sign up to their email lists as if their very lives depended on it.

Well! I can assure you, it’s not true! Don’t believe the hype


Are you wondering how Successful Affiliates really find success. I am talking about the real deal, secrets of success?

It is so important to be able to choose a really good product to sell as an affiliate marketer.

The reason why I say this is because if you get it wrong as an affiliate it could literally ruin your whole business by destroying your reputation which is key to building trust. Think about it… would you buy for second or third time from someone who sells you a dodgy product? Exactly (I’m assuming you said no) And, like most customers, when you get a bad experience you more than likely tell everyone how bad the experience really was… so a reputation can go downhill very quickly by going super viral. To build a good reputation, it normally takes a lot more work and effort.

The best way to get things right every time is as follows:

Make sure you review the product!!

It doesn’t really matter if every other affiliate in your niche is going bonkers and raving about this new product. It doesn’t matter if you buy the product yourself (or if you are given access to a test product). And it doesn’t matter if the sales page looks super slick and dapper with eye-popping commission prizes.

Bottom line, if you haven’t reviewed the product yourself, that is, actually used it and tried it; do not recommend it.

You’re probably the same as me, a new product hits the market, your inbox is flooded with recommendations regarding the same product… Who am I going to trust, which marketer or affiliate is the one I trust the most and will be happy to give my hard-earned money to?

So just to repeat for the sake of clarity, the only way you can establish if a product is a pile of junk with super brilliant is if you review it and test it yourself.

I just wanted to give a little side note about big-ticket products as well. It can be really tempting to make a lot of money very quickly when affiliates are pain big change, up to 50%, or more on high ticket items. Imagine it’s a big flop firstly the rattlers commissions you must lose due to the refunds and second… You guessed it…your reputation falls to the floor.

The best rule of thumb is only recommended products they recommend to your mum we’re best mate.

The next thing (I did mention it briefly before) is to check out the sales page.

Now for the most part the majority of offenders provides very good sales pages for their fillets and make their lives as easy as possible in order to sell the vendor’s products. However, there are some affiliate vendor’s who are really sneaky and dodgy. What I mean by this is that they don’t pay their fillets commissions on time or they steal money.

It’s important to check the sales page for the actual links provided and the buy button’s and make sure that your affiliate link is included not a generic one. Also watch out for the following things also:

  1. check there’s no ads to different products on the sales page itself
  2. make sure there is no alternative methods on the order form that doesn’t give you the affiliate credit so for example this could be another payment processor for even a number four telephone orders.
  3. Also make sure your commissions are not hijacked by vendor’s who try to overwrite your affiliate link with their own links (naughty, naughty, tut, tut, tut!)

Another star quality about successful affiliates is that they research the vendor’s products they are marketing.

I’m not talking about checking out the sales page again or how grateful it looks. I Literally mean research the vendor. Then you find him or her on Google, look if there are any complaints about the person; what the pattern of complaints is it over the same thing?:

  • It could be poor customer service or
  • not on a guarantee or refund policy or
  • pays his business partners really slow or not all.

There are some other star qualities which I should mention here as well.

Make sure you are using captivating content to win over your customers.

When you’re promoting products on your website there is a very high chance that customers are interacting with other content and product vendors before even being directed to your super link!
It’s a really good idea to make sure that the content you create for your visitors is super relevant, (this also helps you with ranking and SEO – Search Engine Optimization). Make the content super intriguing and do your best to make your ‘potential customers’ feel convinced enough to go and click that link so they become buyers.
As you know first impressions is the only impression.
And if you don’t make efforts to improve this it will make a huge impact (negatively).

 Keep track of your results

I know it is exciting to keep seeing PayPal emails hitting your inbox – confirming sales made, let’s face it who doesn’t like that? However, tracking your results will really help you to build your business. I am talking about analysing the performance of the particular sales page, looking at feedback left in the comments section (if any) and monitoring and checking the sales made on a monthly basis for the same products (if it’s an evergreen one).

Good tracking and analysis will help you decide on the marketing strategy for example or if you just have to find a new product to promote.

You must stick to the game plan

affiliate marketing is a proven business model in the digital marketing space.

However, to say success comes easily in this market would be deceptive. It is so important to stay dedicated and focused on building lasting networks and increasing your customer base.

And even when you have achieved this, stick at it and you will see the money rolling in and your goals being achieved.
If you’re a beginner in this business model (affiliate marketing) and you believe you want to make a quick buck without putting the work in, then unfortunately you will probably give up sooner rather than later… (I’m speaking from experience!)

On the back of that, it is a really good idea to get good training or even a coach that will help you get the results you seek.

 Update your site

it’s good to be able to increase your visibility on the Internet and one the best ways to do this is to constantly update your content and using target keywords and super specific/relevant information; this will always help drive traffic.

Now I know this all may seem like common sense to you but you’ll be surprised how many people overlook these important steps. In fact, there are many steps that beginners or aspiring super affiliates overlook these important principles within their business (and we wonder why we can’t get to sell more than a couple of products a month)

I really urge you to not let this happen in your business. Make sure you get your business set up the right way which is profitable and solution focused. A good way to learn the secrets of the super affiliates in more detail that will definitely help you, is at I invite you to check it out now and get hold of the super special offer (hint it’s free)-you’ll thank me for this later.

Remember, when you’re an affiliate you are linking your invitation to that of the product and also to the vendor. That’s why it’s really important to make sure you link your business and ultimately your reputation to good, honest people and their products.

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