Learn How To Serve By Selling

Developing your sales skills is a really important skill, especially as someone who plans to use the internet as their business platform. Let's face it, people buy people. so you need to learn how to communicate in various ways.

when it comes to selling products, there are some really important basics that will become more and more important as you progress along this journey.

Selling is not a subject that I have seen spoken about openly in this field. Yes, I know there's direct sales and copy writing, which is equally important, but now with social media and mobile phones, Facebook live, YouTube etc particularly with the use of video and Pod Casting, it is vitally important one can carry themselves positively in front of a camera and/ or a microphone.

Do not let this topic serve as a distraction.

If you are still in the beginning stages of building your business, such as developing content, writing articles etc, then finish the basics first. But if you are relatively established with the basics and are wanting to build your sales revenue, then understanding the psychology of selling will really put you in good stead regardless of the Online Marketing business model you choose to pursue initially or for the foreseeable future.

Do You Really Have A Business?

There is only one real way to determine if you actually have a business or not and that's whether your business can generate an income. And guess what? The only way to generate income is the ability to sell. Obviously, marketing is a form of sales, but in it's purest form, the ability to sell well, will determine the amount of financial Benjamin's that flows your way.

Every business, large or small requires a sales outlet. that could be a brick and mortar type business which has sales staff or a sales team. Online businesses would normally utilize tools to do the selling, such as a squeeze page or sales page, but more importantly… the Sales Copy or copy writing. Whichever way you analyse it, sales is the key.

Copy writing is the ability to harness language to engage emotions and ultimately compel the right person to take action on a product they need or want. It is a formidable skill to include in ones arsenal. Again, if you are just starting on this journey of digital marketing, then focus on the basics and develop yourself. But if you have been in this game for a reasonable length of time and feel you are not seeing the results commensurate or in line with the time, effort and money that you are currently spending in your business, then consider focusing on developing your sales skills.

The Serving vs Selling Connection

I would like to encourage you to really consider what you are doing when you are selling a product in your business. Please do not take what I am about to say as a criticism, just a thought to ponder on; It may not even apply to you, but if it does, do pay attention.

I have been in sales for the majority of my working life, and I love to sell… in fact I love closing a sale. It's really hard to describe the feeling however, there is no feeling like it!¬† I find that mindset is what makes or breaks a sales person. You have probably heard the saying…

If you believe you can or believe you can't you are most probably right (Henry Ford)

I closed the best and biggest deals in my life by operating with the following mindset:

  1. What I have to offer can only benefit the customer
  2. I focus on value and what the product will do for the customer not the price
  3. Even if price is an issue, I sell the value always
  4. I genuinely believe I am helping or serving the customer, rather than ‘I am selling' to the customer.
  5. Because I am helping or serving, I have no problem walking away from a sale – large or small if the product is not right for the customer

Now, most professional sales people disagree with my statements above, so if you do also.. not a problem (see what I just did there?)

The ability to walk away from a sale is normally more powerful than trying to bargain… it's called the law of the takeaway. However, I am digressing a little… The point I initially wanted to make, which I have now highlighted, is that being able to ‘serve' your customers rather than sell to your customers (or count the money that you are about to make) is a far more powerful way to make prolific and consistent sales. I genuinely believe that all of your marketing efforts, if you adopt the above mentality (i.e. to serve your customer) will bring in multiple sales consistently for you and not only that… but also build a powerful and positive reputation in your industry plus, the verb that every business person loves to hear… more referrals! How awesome are referrals going to be to your business – especially when the customer is hunting you down to pay you… that's a business

As I said, I love sales and teaching sales. It is a real passion of mine. A few years ago, I actually taught a training course as part of a membership training mastermind I used to run. Please remember I said… A few Years ago. It must have been around 2009/2010.

Anyway, the point is, I recorded the training's, and I believe if you are still reading this post you deserve to benefit.

The links are below. Enjoy!

I would really appreciate any feedback regarding this article. Do you agree or disagree? Have you had similar experiences or complete opposite experiences in your sales and business?

Sales Training Session #1

Sales Training Session #2 – The USP

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