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Nov 14
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Seems like you can’t surf and scan the web without being two clicks away from a membership site these days. Everyone has them, from the big boys like Amazon, right on down to the competition in your niche. And if you don’t have a membership site too, you may be missing out big time on some really sweet benefits. (just saying)

So why is everyone so excited about membership sites? Take a look…

Reason 1: Membership Sites Create a Residual Income

One of the best benefits of owning a membership site is that you can set up a residual income or passive income stream for yourself. That means you sell the membership site once to each member, and keep making money for month after month. (I call this ‘digital real estate' better and less hassle than buying and renting out a house made from Bricks and Mortar!)

You’ve no doubt seen this in action plenty of times. It doesn’t even have to necessarily be a membership site, per se. The idea here is that you autobill customers every month (or every year), and that payment gives them continued access to your products and services.

Here are a few real-life examples…

• Email service providers such as Aweber and GetResponse. These services are set up so that you pay every month in order to get continued access to the autoresponder software (as well as continued access to your lists and opt-in forms).

• Discount membership clubs like Sam’s Club . This is an offshoot of Walmart, or Costco – here in the UK – where members pay a yearly membership fee in exchange for the ability to get big discounts on bulk items.

• Amazon membership. Amazon likes memberships so much that they actually have multiple memberships. Most people are familiar with the Prime membership, which gives customers free two-day shipping on many times as well as access to streaming content. Amazon also has Kindle unlimited (a monthly membership site), as well as clubs like the Student’s Club and the Mom’s Club (which offers discounts on diapers or nappies). Even YouTube are getting on the band wagon – if you want ad free use, pay a monthly membership fee. Obviously this membership model must work very well if the big boys are using this for their own advantage.

All of these examples offer tremendous value, so members are likely to remain members for many months if not many years. You sell it once, and profit for a long time to come – what’s not to like? Multiple streams of income can be achieved when you set up a membership Site model focused on generating a steady passive income – Making Money whilst you sleep! This is what you would call a true, systematised business system.

Now here’s another reason why membership sites rock…

Reason 2: Membership Sites Attract Super Affiliates

If you set up your affiliate program so that affiliates get residual income on all monthly fees for the lifetime of their customer, they’re going to love promoting your site (who wouldn't??). After all, it’s pretty easy money for them. Just like you, they promote once and profit for months or years to come.

Let’s look at some more reason membership sites are awesome…

Reason 3: Membership Sites Are Big Back-end Money-Makers

Ask any marketer, and they’ll tell you that one of their biggest assets is their customer list, simply because they can sell a ton of additional products and services to this already-hot list.

Same goes for your membership list – these people are already proven customers, which means they’re extremely open to buying more goods from you. All you have to do is drop links and calls to action in your membership site itself as well as in emails to your members, and you’ll make a whole lot of money on the backend. In fact, many membership site owners report that the backend of their site is even more profitable than the front end!

Here’s The Bottom Line…

Membership sites rock – they’re a win-win-win proposition.

They’re convenient for the customer, because the customer only needs to fill out an order form just one time and get access to the product or service (as long as they don’t cancel). They never have to worry about losing access, because the software rebills them automatically.

Membership sites are also awesome for affiliates, who love the residual commissions that drop into their account every month. Every big affiliate is constantly looking for these types of promotion opportunities.

And finally, you’ve love owning a membership site too. Crunch the numbers and you’ll find out just how profitable it is to run a membership site on the front end – and then just imagine how much money you’ll make on the backend from your list of proven buyers!

Now if you want to set your sales funnel up the right way and install a membership site as soon as possible, then don’t do a single thing until you check this out: Inside this site you’ll discover the ins and outs of running a membership site, and how to choose the best and most profitable model for you. Check it out – and hurry before this very special offer disappears!

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