What to do vs How to do it

This is a really big issue that I have noticed in this industry.

(don’t worry, this is a positive post)

One guru says they can solve all your problems, you buy the course only to find videos of recorded PowerPoint slides telling you ‘what to do’ – which is great… but it’s coaching not training.

Then in order to learn the actual skills, you either have to look elsewhere or you get the super duper up sell which then gives you the ‘over the shoulder’, step by step instruction that you really needed in the first place.

Now, i have to be very careful who I choose to be my mentors in this space when i want to learn something. in the old days (I’m talking about 2009 to 2012 ish) it really was about ‘teaching’ not coaching

There’s a time and a place

It seems the flavour of the ‘information marketing’ space- I really do not like this term (i’ll explain why later) – is coaching, coaching coaching.

And to really squeeze profit products are really broken down into giving people just enough but not quite enough to fulfill the mission – it’s very dissatisfying.

There is a time for coaching and then there is a time for teaching, as a beginner one needs both and online educators should be mindful of this.  Ideally, you teach the student, step by step, line by line. and then once the basics are developed and one is more familiar with the techniques, then there will be scope for questions and more ideas. at this point, the student is ready to be coached.

I give you a classic example…

I passed my driving test after the 2nd attempt. Prior to me passing, I had driving lessons, I needed to be ‘taught’ how to drive.

Once i passed, i was elated, but my confidence on the road was still very fragile and I had to practice my skill to become more proficient at driving, then things become a habit and second nature.

However, I wanted to drive on the Motorway (or interstate) and that required me to drive a high speed for longer periods of time. Plus back then, there was no Sat Nav, just maps (lol)

My dad was my coach, I could drive, just needed someone to guide me how to navigate the motorway. It only took a day for me to get the hang of driving on the motorway and now it’s not a big deal any more..

Imagine, if when I had driving lessons, and wanted to learn how to change gear, my driving instructor sat me down in front of a power point and gave me the step by step instructions??? What a joke..

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

So my mission, as you already know, is to provide quality coaching and teaching, I believe this is the bedrock for your speedy success online.

I am still developing my training ‘Dominate Online Training Course’ and I will be proving more information about this epic training very soon,

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot…

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Why I hate the Term ‘Information Marketing’..


Well, it’s like I said in my About Page. There’s plenty of information but really, it’s a mission to be able to get any direction in life. We get boiled down with too much information that it’s really easy to get confused. There are even perpetrators who sow dis-information, plus it causes people to get into debt, due to desperation and the flip side is that there are culprits out there who will seriously take advantage of this situation… I should know, I used to be that type of person.. running around like a headless Chicken (Sorry Animal lovers – I love animals too, I just eat Chicken) with no certainty of direction.

So to say I am a ‘Marketer of Information’ really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, I would prefer to be called a ‘Direction Marketer’ and give people the right information with valid motive so business owners can make the best choice and move in the right direction without confusion.



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