Why Internet Marketing

The Internet, in my opinion, is an absolute necessity if one wants to really expose themselves within their community as a leader and authority or at least showcase their gifting’s; and to also highlight their business and solutions to the world.

Obviously, it is possible to operate without an Internet presence, and that really is down to personal choice, but if you have big goals and want to pursue your mission such that people can find you and your business easily then even a very basic Internet presence is required.

Keeping up with The Pace of Life

I can remember (now I’m showing my age L O L) when the Internet was not available to the public. I can’t really imagine what life would be like without the Internet to be honest however life in business did work albeit very slowly. And talking about being very slow, information is truly the age in which we live in. In other words, things are super fast today. Gone are the days of spending multiple hours in the library or ordering articles via the post when you can just do a quick check on a search engine like Google.

The Convenience Factor

The big thing really, is the convenience factor and the fact that you can really live life by design at a super affordable cost. 20 years ago, to be able to just quit your job and decide to start a business was not an easy thing to do and most likely one of the most prevalent ways of getting into unnecessary debt and problems.

The Toll on Families Lifestyle Today

There is also the consideration of how the dynamics of families are today compared to 20 or 30 years ago. Divorce is considered almost a normality. Many individuals are forced to have to raise children by themselves and therefore have to survive on just one income.

Now I don’t want to make this post a political soap box scenario but I will throw just one opinion out there… let’s be honest… Children suffer greatly when they see more of their school friends and teachers and non-family members (such as babysitters and after school services). And this becomes a vicious circle because the parent have no choice but to find suitable work to survive and look after their family – there’s nothing wrong with this! But wouldn’t life be so much better if the child and the parent(s) were able to spend more time together and not have to consider financial implications before making a simple decision? The sad part about all this, is that to most folk this is considered normal?? I say there must be a better way to live and it is obvious to me why so many people flock towards the work at home or Internet marketing lifestyle purely because it opens up so many more options.

There are a great number of people, whether they choose to admit it or not, who hate their present lifestyle. You know the ones I’m talking about – the rat race, keeping up with the Jones's, stereotypical middle-class living. And it’s not a sin if you choose to live that way however I believe there’s much more to life than just treating yourself as being part of a much bigger machine.

Reduction of Job & Career Options 

Another point which you may have already noticed, is that more and more jobs are being taken over by very clever robots and computers. The days of artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived and unfortunately or fortunately is here to stay. So if you’re not thinking ahead and just believe that you always have a job I do really urge you to consider your options and to think broadly. A great mentor of mine put in so many words “the one who gets it right in life is the one who is able to see around the corner”

The Internet is just the foundation

The reason why I am compelled to offer this platform called DOMINATE ONLINE is because I believe it is my mission to eliminate financial ignorance and help individuals and families to be able to get it right in life.

There are so many new technologies that us soon to be launched or are indeed available, but most people have no idea that they exist. Majority of these opportunities would not exist without the Internet. So, you see, it is imperative that one makes the decision to get at least a footprint on the World Wide Web.

Do Not let The Technical Aspects Put You off

I’m not saying you must be an expert but there are two ways to get things done in business and the common denominator in both methods is a dimension known as time. So, either you are time poor and money rich such that you can pay someone to help you build an online presence or vice versa one is time rich and money is commonly an issue (or the lack of it). It’s really your choice, I am here to help the latter so that things can be reversed, and you have more time and more money.

Use The Internet As A Wealth Vehicle

Within the Internet marketing niche there are a number of sub niches that one could get involved in and that all depends on your personal likes and passions. Ultimately the basics will still need to be digestive in order to pursue the thing that makes you happy and eliminates the feeling of “having to work” it’s far better when the actual work you do is actually just fun or a hobby with the added bonus of having people running after you to give you money in exchange for the gifts that you have to offer.

So in closing I would really encourage you not to write off having an Internet based business because the future is considerably bright and it still a good time to jump in. A great resource that I highly encourage you check out is called web profits club which will open your eyes a bit more regarding the possibilities of how to make an income and start a business using the Internet.

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